How To Get The Perfect Wing Eyeliner – Like A Beauty Expert!

There’s really nothing more classic than a winged eyeliner look, commonly referred to as the ‘cat eye.’ It’s such a sleek, clean look, but it can be difficult to achieve without the proper technique.

And really, what is the proper technique?

The truth is…there isn’t one. There are many! There are all sorts of techniques people use to create a winged eye. But I’m going to show you my way of getting the winged eye look below.

You will need:

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 1. Sellotape / Scotch Tape                

 2. Scissors          

3. An Eyeliner of your choice  (works best with liquid liner)


Firstly, take about an inch-long or so of tape, and press it to your hand so the tape is not as sticky, this is to help keep your foundation on your face and not pull it off once you take the tape from your skin.

To begin, take an inch-long piece of Scotch tape and press it to your hand a few times to dull some of its adhesive power. This will help it from sticking too severely to your delicate eye area.


Then place the take under your lower lashes at a diagonal angle in line with the outer corner of the eye and angle it towards your temple.
Avoid angling the tape towards the end of your brow as your wing will end up like Amy-Winehouse go to wing look. We are trying to achieve more of a Rosie Huntington-Whiteley  wing look for now.


Start by adding the eyeliner to the middle upper lash line, which is where the line should begin to thicken.  Draw a slight line following the tape and keeping very close to the upper lash line.


Then follow that line into the inner corner of the eye. This is normally the thinnest part of the eyeliner as it would look to heavy if you followed the thickness from the middle. So gradually from the middle thin the eyeliner to reach the inner corner of the eye.


From the middle of your upper lash (where you began), stretch the eyeliner stripe to the outer corner of the eye, using short dash-like strokes.
Using the tape like a straight-edged ruler, continue drawing your line along the tape, past the outer corner of the eye.
Don’t worry if some of the eyeliner bleeds on the tape – this will be removed anyway.
Make sure the eyeliner gets thinner gradually as you stretch the line.


Fill in any gaps and make sure the eyeliner is even on the lid from the inner corner to the outer corner.


Repeat this process for both eyes.

Once your happy with the evenness of the wing on both eyes, remove the tape and proudly reveal your pristine wing.


In the video bellow, I prove you can get the perfect eyeliner using any kind of eyeliner, from liquid to pen and even pencil, anyone can get the perfect cat eye!

Let me know if you try this method to achieve your perfect winged eyeliner.

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