Hey Guys,

So I am just starting out as a Blogger / YouTuber and this is my first ever post so, Welcome Everybody. 

So you guys won’t have a clue who I am or my short and long term goals on creating this blog, so let me explain…

Firstly I will start of by telling you a bit about myself. 


Name: Christina Stuart
Age: 22
Born: 25th September 1994

Where was I Born / Live: So I was born in my home town hospital Ashford Middlesex but unfortunately people can’t have babies in this hospital anymore as they have shut down the maternity section ( So I was one of the last people to be born there ).
Ashford Middlesex is about 20 mins / 1 hour train journey into central London depending on if you get the fast train or the slow train, so not too far from the city.
I am also currently still living with the parents but am hoping to move out in 2018.

Brothers or Sisters?: Yes, I have one sister who is a dramatic 5 years younger than me, we used to fight all the freaking time, however as we are getting older I feel the tension dramatically decreasing ( You know what siblings are like – You love & Ya Hate Um – Kinda relationship ) well the relationship between me and my sister currently.

Favourite Colour: Orange – Just Love It!

Favourite Beauty Brand: Now this is a tricky one because I love most beauty brands, however my all-time favourite beauty brand currently is NARS.

Favourite Fashion Item/brand: Currently my favourite fashion item is my Michael Kors bag, just love it and it goes with everything!


What I like doing in my spare time: So I love going on country / summer walks especially where i have never been before, love to travel and go on holiday, hanging out with friends, clubbing, reading, love taking pictures of what i have been doing, gym and shopping.

So now you know a bit more about me, I am going to explain more about what I  want to do with this blog and the content I want to put in it.

So firstly, this blog is going to be split into 6 main categories; Fashion, Beauty, Life, Food, Travel and News. I am going to explain in more detail what I want to achieve and a bit about the sorts of this I want to post. This also means, well I hope, I can fit a bit of what everyone enjoys in this blog. Like obviously all the content isn’t going to appear over night, but my aim is to post at least once a week if not more.

So if you have any blog post suggestions or things you would like me to incorporate into this blog in the comments below as I would love to know your thoughts.


So in this section, I would like to show you my personal style as well as the latest fashion insights from Vogue, Victoria Secret and other fashion inspiring brands. So this section I feel will consist of a lot of Look Book type of posts. To be honest I feel like the possibilities could be endless in this section as there is always new trends, new fashion and for every season and I’m a SHOPAHOLIC so you won’t be disappointed, aha. I have loads of ideas for this section already so keep your eyes peeled!


This section is going to be like your typical beauty blogger. So I’m going to have some beauty product reviews, Make-Up tips and tricks, favourite scents, skincare routines, day to night looks etc. You get the picture right – So your typical beauty blogger posts will sit in this section. If you have any unique ideas that i could post about in this section please pop them in the comments as I would love some new ideas.


This is where I really want to sit down and talk to you guys about things on my mind, reflections / summaries of what I have been up to, maybe giving some advice on things I feel people have advised me on and that have really helped me or how I have given someone really good advice and how it’s really helped them. This section is to really focus on the things that I feel I am really struggling on and need your advice or me giving advice on things that can be hard and also taking time to just sit back for a minute and really think about life and what’s been going on.  We all have them moments where we lose our self from the stresses of life, so when this happens, my aim in this section is to help you and me to find ourselves again and get back on track.


Travel – this is kinda self-explanatory, so whenever I go somewhere different or discover something amazing I am going to take a whole load of pictures and videos and make you feel like you came along with me 🙂


This will consist of giveaways, work what I have been up to, people I have met, shows I have been to, what’s happening in fashion week. This will mainly consist of your latest fashion and beauty news with extra added bits and also my opinions on the matter.

So I hope you enjoyed my overall summary on my intentions of this blog and how I want it to go down.
Fingers crossed you’re going to like where this is going and I hope I achieve the goals I have set for this project.
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Lots of Love


AKA Front Line Beauty